Sunday, August 25, 2013

From August 23, 2013: This is legal, I swear... (Tyler's Reassignment!)

I have permission to email for a couple minutes because I have been reassigned to the.....

IDAHO, Boise North mission!!!!!!!!!!!!              

haha psych.
Where's a map?
Drumroll please...

ARIZONA SCOTTSDALE MISSION!!!!!!!!!  For real!!  Super stoked about it and oh yeah I LEAVE THE MTC AT 4:30 AM tomorrow.  So like I guess today is P-day?  Estou confused and a bit overwhelmed at the moment but super excited!  It's been quite the week.  But yes I think I get to call(?) tomorrow at some point.... It would be helpful if they told us these things but I'm sure the administrivia will be worked out.  The flight leaves at 8:37 and arrives at 9:14 (the times they gave me, I have not adjusted at all for any time zones at all, I merely give you the data I have been given) and that's the information I have so I trust your travel experience to figure out the time zone differences and all.  I'm picturing the process in my mind and loving it.  So I will call the home phone whenever I'm allowed to.  So like be home if you want to hear from me I guess haha if I get no pick-up I will leave a sweet message you can hear when you miss my voice and then I will proceed to call mom's cell phone, then dad's cell phone.  We will not be able to communicate before then so I trust you all to figure out the logistics.  Happy planning.  Meanwhile, I shall accomplish all I need to with the frenetic pace to which I have grown accustomed over the past several weeks.  I shall miss the MTC.  Wake up tomorrow for my call I suppose.  I'm on flight DL 1616 Delta Air Lines to Phoenix so track to your heart's content.  

As for how I'm feeling, I get two mission calls when most of the world gets 0.  Lucky me, right!!!  Maybe I'll speak Spanish after all. D&C 80 and all that.   I'm ready to get to it and the Lord has sent me to Arizona.  Let the games begin.  Keep your commitments to pray.  I sure will be.  Love to all of you and if you have any questions, good luck figuring it out on your own haha.  

Peace and Blessings,
Scotts and Dales,
Chips and Dales,
But mostly Scotts and Dales,

Elder Molinaro

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