Monday, April 28, 2014

From April 21, 2014: I'm cold, so put a coat on

So I get a couple more days in the USA!  I'll actually be here in Arizona 'til the 29th.  So next Tuesday I ship out for Brazil.  Yes, I'm going back to the MTC (Mission Training Center) for 2 weeks.  The one in Brazil.  I'm also flying through Atlanta.  That will be strange beyond belief.  Makes me feel even more like my mission is coming to an end. A whole new world awaits.  Isn't it always interesting how that works?  

This week, we focused a lot on teaching prepared people.  Which is another way of saying we had to drop just about everyone we were teaching; they weren't choosing to progress.  District meeting was all about characteristics of prepared people and how it is the Lord, not us, who prepares the people.  It's like us trying to make fruit grow off a branch.  We can create the right environment, but in the end it is miraculous forces that make the fruit grow, not us.  It made me turn my scrutiny inward and ask what it is that we need to be prepared people ourselves.  Prepared to be taught by the Spirit, prepared to be taught by those who speak by the Spirit (see General Conference where the Lord's prophet and apostles taught us). 

I have also been pondering on Simon, the Cyrenian, particularly yesterday on Easter.  What an experience it must have been --  to do for Christ something that at that point He may not have been able to do for Himself. Or at least was not permitted to do for Himself.  And Simon, the Cyrenian, likely was not converted until later -- he must have thought of carrying the cross as a demeaning chore, an unjust burden to be bourn.  Especially since we read that he was coming in from the hills and perhaps had not heard of the events at Jerusalem.  He carried the cross of a criminal, pressed into service by centurions.  It may not have been his favorite job, he likely would have passed if he could have.  But think of the honor it was, when viewed in the context of the larger picture.  He did something for Christ.  Bore a portion of His burden, eased, for a moment, a measure of His pain.  
How often are we faced with similar tasks that we do not fully comprehend, burdens that we would choose to avoid, if possible?  How many of us have bourn the crosses of others without knowing what their real burden was?  How many of us could be Simon, if only we would be?  I love the unsung heroes in the scriptures. And Simon, the Cyrenian, is one of my favorite.  
Think of Pilate's wife in the story we all know.  What did she say to him when he got home, after having sent to him on the judgement seat to "have nothing to do with that man" or some such, because of revelation she received in a dream?  What if Pilate had listened to his wife?  What if we listened more carefully to our own counterparts?  What travesties would be averted?  What hymn did the disciples sing before they trouped out to the garden of Gethsemane?  What irony was contained therein?  What terror must have struck those who came to arrest Him with torches and staves, as He, having bled from every pore, inquired, "Whom seek ye?" and, with bloody beard and a tear-worn face stepped into the torchlight, declared, "I AM."  No wonder they fell back in fright.  What sobs must have racked Peter's body as the cock crowed?  But what would have become of him had they not?  
And when we declare, as the apostles did, that we would follow Him into prison and even unto death, how quickly do our thoughts or words betray that covenant, as well as our former confession that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God?  How much of the scriptures do we care to read?  How much more is there than what we see?  Why do we need the Book of Mormon if we have the Bible?  Well, why did we need John if we had Mark?  Or why do we need the other gospels at all, for that matter?  Because if we had them not, we wouldn't know of Simon, or of Pilate's wife, or see the imagery of Christ stepping into the torchlight. Imagine how much another account could add -- that's the Book of Mormon.  Imagine how much could be added if Christ came to the Americas -- which He did.  Imagine how much more evidence that He is the living Son of the Living God.  Which He is.  He is.  
Christ lives.  He does not only live, He reigns and He guides.  His church is not dead.  It, too, has risen.  It had it's time in the tomb, but by angels and miracles and even new scripture, His church is here as well. Funny that the Book of Mormon came out of a stone box, just as Christ did.  With more parallels than I have time here to account.  We will never see these things unless we look for them.  Unless we search the scriptures every day.  Unless God is our first priority.  Unless our temple recommend is the first thing we see at the front of our wallet and isn't buried behind the credit cards and cash.  The symbolism there isn't too hard to find, but it's worth noting.

Well, I didn't intend that to end up as an Easter sermon but there you go I suppose!

Yes, Momma, I did get the Easter basket and loved, loved, loved it!  A new Nashville tribute CD!!! I was overjoyed.  The egg dying things were awesome too, I got to dye marshmallow eggs with "A" (recent convert) in the hospital when we went to see her yesterday!  You always find the neatest things!  We also worked on another roof this week.  That was awesome.  It's legitimately enjoyable to work on roofs and stuff like that. I'm doing a lot of exchanges and planning for a crazy last week here.  Mixed emotions about going to Brazil. More than anything, it doesn't feel real yet.  I'm sure it will soon.  

Thank you all for the notes and the love.  You're so great to me and I'm so glad that you're all part of my eternal family!  

Quick thought.  The more exactly you are obeying the commandments, the more exact the revelation you are seeking will come.  Feel like that one is an answer to a question someone has been praying about.

Love you all and happy Easter!  Can't believe I missed Passover dinner but everyone here sure thought it sounded cool!  

We got to go to the Easter pageant twice.  It is HUGE.  You can't even imagine the crowd.  15,000 people on the Friday night we went, or so we hear.  We'll have to come see it some time!
I love you all, miss you all, hope all is going well wherever you are.

Elder Molinaro

From April 14, 2014: Into the Land Southward

So my American Express got revoked.  It's ok though, they sent me a Visa instead.   Hahaha!

Really though, they told me about two hours ago that I got my visa to Brazil.  I GOT MY VISA.  I leave on the 26th of April.  I think I'm in a bit of shock really.  I don't know what to do with myself.  President called to tell me and I was just like..."are you serious..?"  They are indeed quite serious.  I don't know whether to shout for joy or be inconsolably devastated.  So I'm kind of choosing both.  This place is home to me now.  I've been here so long.  I finally know how everything is supposed to go, I GET it, I'm hitting a stride...  But away I go, departing into the land southward.  It's a change.  So I'm going to hum a few bars of "I'll go where you want me to go.." and be on my merry way.  I'm reeling a bit.  Wish me luck in learning Portuguese.  I don't know whether they're sending me back to the MTC (Missionary Training Center) or not or how it will work.  You now know about as much as I do about it.  I guess I'll send some stuff home, too?  I don't know, but I think I have everything that I need.  Testimony and all.  

This week was pretty good.  I don't know what I was thinking of writing about before, but I guess this would be a good point to reflect and think of change.  There's just no way to describe a mission.  No way to encapsulate the day-to-day and week-to-week and month-to-month.  It can't be understood except if you've DONE it.  Ya' know?  It's the MTC and the joy and excitement and nervousness and the mission field with the door, and the testimony, and the tears, and the pictures, and the work, and the physical change you see in yourself, the shift in the way you see EVERYTHING around you.  It's the brain structure shift, the motivation shift, the way you are and want to be.  It's that moment of silence when an inspired question hangs in the air, the victory when you FIND them (those seeking God who are waiting for you to teach them), the Spirit, the pain, and the time spent waiting.  Waiting.  "They said they would come.  They promised. They promised"... these humble seekers of truth say as they wait for us to find them and share Christ's gospel with them.  It's all the heartbreak and the joy rolled into one.  And you can't describe it and if you could, you wouldn't have time.  

Oh, if I could just have my time here on tape and play it over and over and over again.  But I can't.  And that's ok.  Life's good, ya' know?

There are consistent concerns that come up when people are introduced to the church, and I hear rumblings of concerns in the world about inequality, and whether God has a body and blah blah blah blah blah.

This is what I like to tell people when they present these concerns. IT DOESN'T MATTER.  Got it?  Look at the Book of Mormon.  Look at it.  Joseph Smith was quite simply a prophet or a fraud.  This book is either the word of God or a hoax.  It was either written with the help of God or the devil, and it's your job to find out which one it is and then act accordingly.  
Now believe me, I've heard your concern before.  Yes, I know that it says that at the end of Revelations.  I'm aware of that issue of blacks and the priesthood.  Yes, I've heard that Joseph Smith was arrested for that. I've also heard that Christ was arrested for blasphemy and executed for sedition, I know that Matthew 20 makes the authorization of every worthy male to hold the priesthood a fulfillment of parabolic prophecy, and Revelation was written in seclusion and I'll gladly walk you through the biblical history that explains those verses if you have the time for it.
However, all that pales in comparison with the fact that the Book of Mormon is the very word of God, that it draws you nearer to Christ and that you can receive the same witness that the Book of Mormon is true by the power of the Holy Ghost, which is the ordained way for God to speak to man on this Earth.  I have heard that voice and those whisperings and I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and that Priesthood keys reside with the presiding brethren today.  In simplified terms, I know the Book of Mormon is true and that this is the true church of God upon the earth because God told me so, and He has promised to tell you so as well if you will heed his advice to open your heart and open your ears.  He who hath ears to hear, let him hear.  

I know it.  I know it.  I know it.  More assuredly at the moment than I know I'm going to Brazil in the near future.  And you really can, too.  If you will read and ask sincerely.  

Now I just need to translate that into Portuguese, haha.  It's so easy to get caught up on the little things. Missing the forest for the trees is a chronic issue of our age.  The trees are the concerns, the forest is the Book of Mormon, and the world is what the Spirit has to say about it all.  How can you NOT at least check it out?  Our claim is that Christ has given His children the gospel again, that there's one truth on the Earth and that this is it, that your family will be together forever if you just SEEK it in the right place, that you don't have to wait to find out what happens after  this life!!  Don't you see?!?  Cut down the tree and look at the forest and use it to help you hear about the world!

Let's have another quick moment here. gotta read your scriptures.  Every day.  You really do. It's not advice, it's a commandment from God.  And it is such because it sharpens the voice of the Spirit every single day so that you can hear it.  And you have to be IN the scriptures every day.  You know whether you're really doing it because the Spirit will tell you if you're not doing it right.  Faith means prioritizing your life according to the way God wants it.  And as we heard in General Conference, it's time to let our faith show!!

I'm so proud of all of you.  I love you all and can't believe how much support you give me.  Into the land southward I go.  What a ride it will be.  :)

Carry on and let's all have a great week.  Cause, ya' know, we're on a team that's really great.  

Elder Molinaro

From April 7, 2014: Ticonderoga

Let's hear it for those talks Conference talks, eh?  Quite the showing: Elder Holland throwing down, Elder Bednar speaking slowly and kindly so we could all understand, and Elder Oaks giving a talk I'll have to read 20 times to make complete sense of.  Oh, how glorious.  That was a serious weekend.  Am I right or am I right?  I'm right. (These and other inspirational/instructive/uplifting talks can be seen on  Check it out!).

So lots of stuff went on this week.  First, service.  A lot of it.  I'm getting some prime weed pulling experience. Thanks, Mom and Dad, for teaching me how to pull weeds.  And for teaching me to love to work.  And I actually worked on a car this week.  Replacing a rear differential.  Yeah, I have no idea what that is either.  Ha!
We got a few referrals from on high this week.  And I kid you not, they really were referrals from above. The first came as Elder C. was pondering on an apartment complex we often visit, when the number 48 came to his head.  He thought that was strange, so he wrote it down and decided if it was still in his head in a few minutes, he would say something about it.  It was still there.  So we decided to go knock on number 48. Nothing.  No answer.  We were perplexed.  It was one of those days where nothing was going right, and it was night time.  So we decided to go try #48 again.  Picture us, having never really done a door approach--they don't let us tract-- wondering what we would say.  The phrase "Take ye no thought beforehand what ye shall say" came to mind.  So we went and did. And lo and behold, there was a woman there who was having a horrible day and was ready to hear the gospel.  She walked outside and sat down, ready to listen and learn.  And now she is investigating the church.  

Talk about a referral from Heaven.  Miracles like that are streaming in.  We had another one like that, with a family who was sent directly to us and who told us that God had sent us to them.  There are so many things like that going on.  
Thank you all for praying miracles to us.  I pray for you every night and I've learned so much from each of you.  Thank you for all you've taught, instilled, and inspired me with.

Elder Molinaro

From April 2, 2014: One mish, two mish, red mish, blue mish

OK, let's see what happened this week. . .  People have been fairly nice.  I mean there was that one guy who was like "Well, you better be pretty sure about it because otherwise you are dragging people straight down to hell with you."  But he was TOTALLY right and I'm so glad he had the guts to say it.  Luckily, I'm sure.  The gospel has been restored.  Because nothing else even makes sense.
I'm nearing the end of rereading the Book of Mormon, which is pretty cool.  . . .Yesterday was service day x20.  Elder C. did house remodeling and fixed cars before he came out so I'm learning quite a bit.  We're doing sheet rocking and painting and I'm picking up a couple tricks of the trade.  Mostly just watching in awe, but it's inspiring me to be handy one day.  Transfers came and went and I remain here in Mesa, still in the Riverview Ward.  

I always go to type "all is well" and then I automatically think of the woes pronounced upon those who say "All is well in Zion."  I must have deleted that sentence 20 times in the course of my Emails.  They also asked me to be district leader here in Mesa.  I totally have no clue what I'm doing, so that was/is a humbling experience.  I'm excited to go on a bunch of exchanges though.  Wish me luck/send me tips you RMs.  

Then there's "E."  Oh, "E".  This is the 16 year old who has been through 8 sets of missionaries.  He's an all-star.  Super smart and talented and all-around great guy.  This was like the coolest thing ever how this happened.  Best lesson I've ever been in for sure.  So first, we had this huge mystery meeting with the Missionary Department. It was like 60 people invited and it was a smattering of missionaries from all over and in leadership and not.  So I went to this meeting and we get there and it was the director of proselyting for the missionary department #THEMAN and ...some other guy whose position escapes me... and they basically showed us how we're doing everything wrong and how to do it right instead.  Most productive 7 hour meeting of my life for sure.  
So anyway, we had an appointment with "E" at 7, and we needed to walk back to the car so as to get to Elder C.  This is all in a time-crunch situation when a random member from a different Stake (region of the church) pulls up and says he felt like he should really offer us a ride.  We get in.  Get to our car.  Elder C. was about to go into the lesson with the other Elders because there was some confusion as to where I was. We got there just in time so that they didn't.  Elder C. and I hadn't seen each other all day before this lesson so we were basically on two different pages.  Long story short, we ended up going two different directions with "E" and ended up at the same place.  And we were talking about the Spirit and he was feeling it and we were feeling it and I said:
" 'E,' the Spirit can help you answer the questions you have.  So I'll ask you a few questions and you listen to what the Spirit tells you and then answer." 
"Is the Book of Mormon true?"

"Does that mean Joseph Smith is a prophet?"

"Does that mean the authority of God is back on the Earth?"

"Then why haven't you been baptized by that authority?"

He totally responded by the Spirit and the only way we were able to be there together in the first place was because a member driving by followed a prompting to give us a ride.  And he'll probably never know what an impact that ride had on future events.
So moral of the story is listen to promptings, follow the Spirit, and do good everywhere you go!  Because you really never know the full consequences.  

Oh, oh, and if you keep hearing about hastening the work and want to get in on it, here's a thought!  Go serve somewhere.  DO COMMUNITY SERVICE.   The Doctrine and Covenants promises us that others who are doing good are the ones who are prepared to receive the fullness of His Gospel!  

Also, this weekend is General Conference (a biannual meeting where we are taught by the prophet and apostles and general authorities).  I'm more excited for this than any of you were for the Olympics. Picture me the week before an election.  That's roughly my excitement level (which, as we all know, is COMPLETE excitement).  
As we all head into Conference weekend, prepare a question or a list of names.  Hopefully both.  Think of ten people who the gospel could help, and then pray before Conference that the Spirit will tell you who of them is prepared.  And then look at your list between sessions and see what promptings come.  And then follow them please, for promptings are God's personal commandments to you.

Other notes from the week:
+Cleanliness is next to Godliness!
+A little putty, a little paint, makes a carpenter what he ain't.
+Zio's pizza.  If we ever come back to Mesa together, I'm totally taking you there.

Remember this:
Every seed that grows into a huge tree was once all alone, away from everything it had ever known, surrounded by darkness, not knowing what to do.  But then the water came.  And he drew strength from the soil around him.  And he worked and grew.  And finally he reached the sunlight.  And the rest is history.  

There's no deep, dark metaphor there, it just sounds cool.  Maybe. :)

I love you all.  Happy April to you.

Elder Molinaro

Hiking Pictures

Elder Molinaro hikes with his zone on a P Day!

From March 24, 2014: Clantastic

This is a poem I wrote to teach the "P" family about the Gospel of Jesus Christ/plan of salvation so I thought I'd share it with you all!  

Love One "A Brother"

"Oh please, oh please, can't I go out?  
Oh please!  Just for today?
I'll run and jump and learn so much,
Oh please, can't I go play?"

The Father looked down at His son 
and said "Go on ahead
Be careful though, avoid the mud,
 remember what I said!"

"You can't come back into the house
 if you're all caked with dirt.
So run and play and laugh and learn, 
but stay clean and alert."

So off the boy went from his home
with friends on every side.
They ran along the grassy fields, 
played on the swings and slide.

"Watch this!" Said one of his best friends
And took a mighty leap.
He splashed a puddle with his feet
that wasn't all that deep.

And so the puddle jump began,
the boy soon followed suit.
It just was water at the first, 
and only on the boot.

Faster!  Splash! A jump, a hop! 
And mud began to fly.
Before he even realized,
he was looking like a sty.

The day wore on, the sun went down,
the friends went separate ways.
The boy saw his reflection
in the light of sun's last rays.

And in a flash they came to him--
his Father's warning clear;
That "if you are all muddy, 
then you cannot enter here."

And as the boy thought of his home--
A now-forbidden place,
He sat and shook with mighty sobs 
As tears formed on his face.

"I'll never get back to my Dad,
I'm gone forever now!"
The sobs grew even louder 
as in shame his head did bow.

When suddenly he felt a touch, 
A friendly, gentle pat.
It was his Brother, smiling
who said, "I can help with that."

"Dad sent me out to find you 
And to bring you back to Him.
I'm glad I found you out here
Even though it's growing dim."

"But don't you see I'm muddy? 
Don't you see that I'm a mess?
I cannot go back home 
and I have never felt like less."

"Oh bud, I'm here to save you,
Here to make you all brand new!
Dad knew that you'd get dirty 
So He sent me here for you."

"It won't be all that easy 
and it may just hurt a bit.
But if you will just trust me, 
clean is what you soon will get."

"Ok, ok, I'll do it,
what is it I have to do?
You are my older brother so 
I put my trust in you."

"Well good, 'cause that's step 1, 
you have to trust in what I say.
Step 2 is pretty simple -
please avoid more mud and clay."

" 'Cause what's the point in getting clean
and then dirty once more?
Remember to avoid the things 
that muddied you before."

"And then we're gonna get you wet 
and wash away the dirt.
It will take away the grime 
and it will take away the hurt."

The boy went in the water and
when he came out all new,
the dirt was washed away 
but Brother said "there's more to do."

He gave the boy a towel and 
wrapped him in blankets soft.
And they embraced each other
As they had and still do oft.

"Alright let's go on home now,
Let's walk back together bud."
"But Brother, it's all dark out,
How will I avoid the mud?"

"Just follow me and take my hand,
trust me to lead you there.
Walk where you see me step," He said,
silencing every care.
And so they walked together, 
back to home and back to Dad,
And sometimes Brother carried 
the once-muddy, tired lad.

So now they're all together
and from mud and tears they're free,
'Cause Dad sent older Brother 
to redeem both you and me.

What a fascinating week.  there has been so much to share from this week.  I'll give you the highlights:
First.  The clan.  We met a clan this week.  And I really do mean a clan.  Look up the SCA--Society For Creative Anachronisms.  I envy you for having Google when I don't.  We met a group of less-active members who ARE a medieval Clan.  "Oh, like a Renaissance Festival actor group?"  NO.  Those are the actors.  We mean the real deal.  They actually make chainmaille and have battles in which there are thousands of people on each side and they wear armor and hit each other with wooden sticks.  Like...It's a real thing.  They aren't kidding.  They LIVE it.  It's like a cross between that TV show "Doomsday Preppers" and the movie "A Knight' Tale."    There's no other way to say it.  The ward council asked us about them so we had to explain as simply as possible that there is a medieval clan living in the ward boundaries.  I wasn't chagrinned so much as basking in the hilarity of the situation.  It was an all-star moment.  More to follow on this one I'm sure.
Redid a roof.  I can totally roof now.  But not really.  But I worked on a roof for 5 hours.  I'm getting a tan.

Totally hiked a mountain this morning.  

Had Zone training meeting this week, which was really fun.  

"B", the atheist, got slapped in the face by Satan harder than anyone I've ever seen ever once he started getting faith.  Sickness, broken bones, family problems, and friend drama all ensued after he came to church.  He stopped praying.  No more "B" anymore.

So Elder Bednar (one of the 12 Apostles in our church) is kind of the man.  And I've taken to many of his challenges.  One of them is to say many prayers asking for nothing.  I'm trying to take that to heart this week by saying every prayer as a prayer of gratitude and asking for nothing.  For a week.  It makes you frame your prayers differently.  But consider the fact that all is present before God.  There is no past and no future to him.  So thanking him for future blessings or blessings you hope to receive is the same as thanking him for blessings that are, to us, past.  Because they're all the same to Him.  It just requires you to think differently and exercise more faith.  But it's already been really effective for improving my prayers so I recommend trying it!!

And then there was "A".  We were rushing to an appointment on the far edge of our area, and it didn't really matter which direction we chose to get there.  We always turn to the right though.  So we just decided to go to the left this day for no apparent reason.  And we were heading to an appointment so ordinarily we wouldn't stop and talk for too long.  But then we decided to talk to this one particular guy we were coming up to.  His name is "A".  Apparently he had just found out that one of his best friends had died.  His mom is a member but he strayed off the path way back.  That moment, he said, was a pivotal one in his life or death and God sent him a message through us at the exact moment he needed it.  He wants to change and we can help.  And, by his own declaration, that was perhaps the one moment in his life he would have been receptive to the gospel message.  What amazing miracles are wrought by such small and simple things.

So, my visa paperwork (to go to Brazil) has been submitted so long that some things expired so I had to do some paperwork but supposedly things are moving along.  I've seen some visa waiters here get theirs recently.  Rumor has it I may end up the longest visa waiter here.

Things are going great.  Love you all!  Thanks so much for the love, support, encouragement, and prayers! You're the best!

Elder Molinaro

From March 17, 2014: Sour

Well, this week was.  It was a good one, it was a great one.  But many of our miracles soured.  But that's how it goes.  We met a lot of very interesting people this week.  Satanists, Wickens, Buddhists, Apathetics, etc.  All of these I can deal with.  It's the "There's-no-difference-ers" who really grind my gears.  For among all of this particular faction, there is a common theme, a single voice united claiming: "Well, we worship the same God."  
There are many of these common phrases, raised to me as I pop off bikes or accost while others are walking their dog, or assist with lifting a dresser, etc., etc., etc.  And it's absolutely insensible.  We do not worship the same God. Every man walks after the image of his own God and receives the image of that God in his or her countenance. I was turning this over in my head as we attended sacrament meeting this week.  The topic, appropriately enough, was having no other God's before Him.  This I like.  This I can work with.    

We turn first to the purpose of existence--To become in all ways God-like.  That means having an eternal family, developing a godlike mind, and cultivating a godlike body #wordofwisdom 

And we DO all become godlike.  It's just the God that we worship and walk after that we become like.  We all choose whose God we walk after (nebulous, or entertainment or money or fame, etc.).  And if it isn't THE God, then we will NOT develop a godlike mind, we will NOT receive a godlike body in the resurrection, and we will not have an eternal family or marriage because we have not made the required covenants and partaken of the ordinances to do so.  God has given us THE way back to Him and it is through His true gospel and the church with His priesthood and temples with His ordinances.

Pursuant to receiving all of those things, we must surround ourselves with righteous influences.  Polluting our minds with useless or unseemly things will not make it a godlike mind, and will therefore separate us from God and His spirit.  Breaking the word of wisdom--in spirit as well as in letter-- will not lead us closer to the state in which we desire to exist for eternity.  
Let's consider for a moment, though, something I just touched on.  The spirit and letter of law.  We must embrace both.  The Jews at the time of Christ worshipped the law more than the Lawgiver and in so doing ended up crucifying the Lawgiver for blasphemy against the law.  We must be careful not to do the same.  

This and that:  
We did some good work this week but things didn't turn out the best when it came to people following through on commitments.  It sure paves the way for a lot of miracles this week!  We also had Zone Conference this week, which was quite a bit of fun.  

There are visa rumors in the air.  

The lights went out during sacrament and everything just carried on as if nothing had happened.  I was proud of us.  We went on exchanges this week with Elder K.  That was a lot of fun.  

Thank you all for the letters and love.  Happy St. Patrick's day!

I'm healthy, happy, and safe.  After all, it's Mesa haha.  

Though it does occur to me that we are living in a Telestial environment while trying to cultivate Celestial minds, bodies, and desires.  What a miracle that it ever happens.  But it CAN with Christ's Atonement --  the sacrifice made by the only mortal being to live a Celestial existence in a Telestial sphere.  
Carry on!

Elder Molinaro

P.S. the watch tan line is officially back :)