Monday, April 28, 2014

From April 2, 2014: One mish, two mish, red mish, blue mish

OK, let's see what happened this week. . .  People have been fairly nice.  I mean there was that one guy who was like "Well, you better be pretty sure about it because otherwise you are dragging people straight down to hell with you."  But he was TOTALLY right and I'm so glad he had the guts to say it.  Luckily, I'm sure.  The gospel has been restored.  Because nothing else even makes sense.
I'm nearing the end of rereading the Book of Mormon, which is pretty cool.  . . .Yesterday was service day x20.  Elder C. did house remodeling and fixed cars before he came out so I'm learning quite a bit.  We're doing sheet rocking and painting and I'm picking up a couple tricks of the trade.  Mostly just watching in awe, but it's inspiring me to be handy one day.  Transfers came and went and I remain here in Mesa, still in the Riverview Ward.  

I always go to type "all is well" and then I automatically think of the woes pronounced upon those who say "All is well in Zion."  I must have deleted that sentence 20 times in the course of my Emails.  They also asked me to be district leader here in Mesa.  I totally have no clue what I'm doing, so that was/is a humbling experience.  I'm excited to go on a bunch of exchanges though.  Wish me luck/send me tips you RMs.  

Then there's "E."  Oh, "E".  This is the 16 year old who has been through 8 sets of missionaries.  He's an all-star.  Super smart and talented and all-around great guy.  This was like the coolest thing ever how this happened.  Best lesson I've ever been in for sure.  So first, we had this huge mystery meeting with the Missionary Department. It was like 60 people invited and it was a smattering of missionaries from all over and in leadership and not.  So I went to this meeting and we get there and it was the director of proselyting for the missionary department #THEMAN and ...some other guy whose position escapes me... and they basically showed us how we're doing everything wrong and how to do it right instead.  Most productive 7 hour meeting of my life for sure.  
So anyway, we had an appointment with "E" at 7, and we needed to walk back to the car so as to get to Elder C.  This is all in a time-crunch situation when a random member from a different Stake (region of the church) pulls up and says he felt like he should really offer us a ride.  We get in.  Get to our car.  Elder C. was about to go into the lesson with the other Elders because there was some confusion as to where I was. We got there just in time so that they didn't.  Elder C. and I hadn't seen each other all day before this lesson so we were basically on two different pages.  Long story short, we ended up going two different directions with "E" and ended up at the same place.  And we were talking about the Spirit and he was feeling it and we were feeling it and I said:
" 'E,' the Spirit can help you answer the questions you have.  So I'll ask you a few questions and you listen to what the Spirit tells you and then answer." 
"Is the Book of Mormon true?"

"Does that mean Joseph Smith is a prophet?"

"Does that mean the authority of God is back on the Earth?"

"Then why haven't you been baptized by that authority?"

He totally responded by the Spirit and the only way we were able to be there together in the first place was because a member driving by followed a prompting to give us a ride.  And he'll probably never know what an impact that ride had on future events.
So moral of the story is listen to promptings, follow the Spirit, and do good everywhere you go!  Because you really never know the full consequences.  

Oh, oh, and if you keep hearing about hastening the work and want to get in on it, here's a thought!  Go serve somewhere.  DO COMMUNITY SERVICE.   The Doctrine and Covenants promises us that others who are doing good are the ones who are prepared to receive the fullness of His Gospel!  

Also, this weekend is General Conference (a biannual meeting where we are taught by the prophet and apostles and general authorities).  I'm more excited for this than any of you were for the Olympics. Picture me the week before an election.  That's roughly my excitement level (which, as we all know, is COMPLETE excitement).  
As we all head into Conference weekend, prepare a question or a list of names.  Hopefully both.  Think of ten people who the gospel could help, and then pray before Conference that the Spirit will tell you who of them is prepared.  And then look at your list between sessions and see what promptings come.  And then follow them please, for promptings are God's personal commandments to you.

Other notes from the week:
+Cleanliness is next to Godliness!
+A little putty, a little paint, makes a carpenter what he ain't.
+Zio's pizza.  If we ever come back to Mesa together, I'm totally taking you there.

Remember this:
Every seed that grows into a huge tree was once all alone, away from everything it had ever known, surrounded by darkness, not knowing what to do.  But then the water came.  And he drew strength from the soil around him.  And he worked and grew.  And finally he reached the sunlight.  And the rest is history.  

There's no deep, dark metaphor there, it just sounds cool.  Maybe. :)

I love you all.  Happy April to you.

Elder Molinaro

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