Monday, April 28, 2014

From March 17, 2014: Sour

Well, this week was.  It was a good one, it was a great one.  But many of our miracles soured.  But that's how it goes.  We met a lot of very interesting people this week.  Satanists, Wickens, Buddhists, Apathetics, etc.  All of these I can deal with.  It's the "There's-no-difference-ers" who really grind my gears.  For among all of this particular faction, there is a common theme, a single voice united claiming: "Well, we worship the same God."  
There are many of these common phrases, raised to me as I pop off bikes or accost while others are walking their dog, or assist with lifting a dresser, etc., etc., etc.  And it's absolutely insensible.  We do not worship the same God. Every man walks after the image of his own God and receives the image of that God in his or her countenance. I was turning this over in my head as we attended sacrament meeting this week.  The topic, appropriately enough, was having no other God's before Him.  This I like.  This I can work with.    

We turn first to the purpose of existence--To become in all ways God-like.  That means having an eternal family, developing a godlike mind, and cultivating a godlike body #wordofwisdom 

And we DO all become godlike.  It's just the God that we worship and walk after that we become like.  We all choose whose God we walk after (nebulous, or entertainment or money or fame, etc.).  And if it isn't THE God, then we will NOT develop a godlike mind, we will NOT receive a godlike body in the resurrection, and we will not have an eternal family or marriage because we have not made the required covenants and partaken of the ordinances to do so.  God has given us THE way back to Him and it is through His true gospel and the church with His priesthood and temples with His ordinances.

Pursuant to receiving all of those things, we must surround ourselves with righteous influences.  Polluting our minds with useless or unseemly things will not make it a godlike mind, and will therefore separate us from God and His spirit.  Breaking the word of wisdom--in spirit as well as in letter-- will not lead us closer to the state in which we desire to exist for eternity.  
Let's consider for a moment, though, something I just touched on.  The spirit and letter of law.  We must embrace both.  The Jews at the time of Christ worshipped the law more than the Lawgiver and in so doing ended up crucifying the Lawgiver for blasphemy against the law.  We must be careful not to do the same.  

This and that:  
We did some good work this week but things didn't turn out the best when it came to people following through on commitments.  It sure paves the way for a lot of miracles this week!  We also had Zone Conference this week, which was quite a bit of fun.  

There are visa rumors in the air.  

The lights went out during sacrament and everything just carried on as if nothing had happened.  I was proud of us.  We went on exchanges this week with Elder K.  That was a lot of fun.  

Thank you all for the letters and love.  Happy St. Patrick's day!

I'm healthy, happy, and safe.  After all, it's Mesa haha.  

Though it does occur to me that we are living in a Telestial environment while trying to cultivate Celestial minds, bodies, and desires.  What a miracle that it ever happens.  But it CAN with Christ's Atonement --  the sacrifice made by the only mortal being to live a Celestial existence in a Telestial sphere.  
Carry on!

Elder Molinaro

P.S. the watch tan line is officially back :)

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